Google sits out $10 billion Pentagon cloud contest over AI principles

Google has dropped out of a competition that could’ve won the company a $10 billion contract with the Pentagon. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud (JEDI) contest’s purpose is to find a solution for the military to transfer massive amounts of data and processing power to the cloud. It believes that by doing so, it can give military officials quick access to data wherever they are, allowing them to make quicker and better decisions while on the battlefield.

Someone is paying a lot of money to smear Jim Mattis and hold up Trump’s agenda

Starting late August 2018, news reports began to emerge that an unnamed entity, presumably one such contractor, had enlisted the help of a private investigative firm to create a dossier of allegations to try to smear the reputation of Mattis and other senior DoD officials all as a means of creating public pressure to disrupt the JEDI contracting process.

The disinformation game

The federal government is poised to bring new tools and strategies to bear in the fight against foreign-backed disinformation campaigns online, but how and when agencies choose to publicly identify such campaigns could have ramifications on the U.S. political ecosystem.

A proxy battle of innovation vs. legacy technology

Like many in the technology sector, I’ve watched with great interest the contracting community’s maneuvering on the Pentagon’s upcoming Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract, marked by vigorous jousting among competitors to gain ground in new markets or protect existing ones.